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Last February, YouTube celebrated its 10th anniversary. In these years, the website has helped us in many ways: it has helped video-games players to get to the next level, it has guided many people in the process of how-to-do things but, above all it has provided many people with a ginormus amount of music from many genres, origins and of course qualities. It has never been so easy to create and upload a video clip to YouTube and this has encouraged many people show their talents to the whole world. These people are a living example of one of my life mantras: “Some people do it better and others worse, but everyone can draw, sing and dance”.

I would like to open this section with the one which is, for me, the worst music video clip ever: Zlad’s “I’m the Anti-Pope”.

Even though the clip can be catalogued as “music” video, since there is music in it, I would prefer to place it inside the section of “narration with music in the background”. Zlad tells us – I don’t use the word “sing” on purpose – the story of the first Anti-Pope, Beelzebub the First. As Zlad is aware that there are many people that sing better than him, he only does it during the chorus. The rest of the time, he just tells, with certain rhythm, a story about the end of Christianity as it is known. Taking into account the chorus, we may think that Zlad chose “antelope” and “cantaloupe” because they were the only words he knows that rhyme with “Pope”. Nothing could be more untrue, he provides us, at the end of the song, with a list of four more words that rhyme with “Pope”. He wanted to use them because of the power of the images that they cast. A hammer smashing a cantaloupe and a lion chasing an antelope are vigorous images that we can see in the background while the chorus is sung. The only problem is that what the lion is chasing is not an antelope, but a zebra. To this extent, I recommend the use of this video, also from YouTube, where we can see a lion catching a real antelope.

On the other side, I would like to highlight the great use of the chroma key composing – or green screen – that supports the lyrics with a penetrating and, most of the times, monochromatic image. Another valuable aspect in the clip is the work of the costume designer who chose very accurately the silver boots of the Anti-Pope, the plastic scythe,   the pink wig of the anti-nun and the crucifix of the mitre with the ring at the bottom of it. It is obvious that the silver boots represent Belzebub’s reign as opposed to the golden one of God. The plastic scythe is not there due to a lack of budget, but to express the insignificance of death to Belzebub, the prince of Hell. The pink hair of the anti-nun not only implies the new times coming, but the power of human will versus God’s one, since we can change the colour of the hair provided by birth. To finish with, I would like to stress the ring of the crucifix that is glued upside down to the mitre. This small detail, is not just telling us that it is a real crucifix that represents Christianity, but also that it has been removed from the wall where it hung and it now serves a total opposite cause, the Anti-Pope.

For all the things mentioned and many other that could be alleged taking into account the lyrics, the performance and Zlad’s biographical details, I do think that the worst music video clip ever is “The Anti-Pope”.

To learn more about the artist, you can visit this website.

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  1. D.J.S:

    Well, in this music video we can see the female version of Terminator overweight mixed with a serious problem in the vocal cords. The woman in the videoclip doesn´t sing really well, in fact, I think she isn´t singing, what I think she´s doing is to shout with swag. Other thing I don´t like of the main character is his hair. With that hair, she seems to have comed from a post-apocalyptic alternative future that got stucked in the eighties; or maybe she really comes from it, we´ll never know... Anyway, let´s talk about the song.More of the half of the song is just the chorus, where she only says that she doesn´t want to lose her boyfriend again and again, and the video is always the same too! The only they had to do to make the video was to copy and paste the same images a lot of times. I think the most hard thing they had to do to create this videoclip was to go for a few donuts to the bakery.I have looked for information of this person in wikipedia and the only thing I have found is that she was a driver of limousine and gave free records to his customers trying to get fame, looks like she didn´t got it. And here finishes my review, I´m leaving ┌( ಠ_ಠ )┘

  2. Nice video, specially the "post-apocalyptic alternative future" LOL. I think that they should have hired the chorus for all the song, they sing better than her. And the best part is the one where she sings near the pool. You can only see an old dirty pool, with its own outlet, some grass and her. I think that the one in charge of locations should have looked for some better ones. I like it! :)

    Hi! in this videoclip we can see "Big girls don´t cry" by Fergie.
    I think this is not real the worst videoclip ever but for me is not one of the best. I don´t like too much ths video because in the first part of the song the letter don´t go good wiht the song, is like they had put the backing in the letter and in my opinion is the letter in the backing. Then I think the video is a little extrange because is like a remix of sittuations and they must have thought : Oh! I have an idea me too me too and then they decided doing a remix of ideas. Other thing that I don´t like too much is the rhythm of the song because for me is extrange in the first part of the song.
    Well I finishes, By O.o N.R.F

    1. You are right, this is not AT ALL, the best video. What I don't understand is why she says she has to be a big girl to show strength, and looks at the camera like a poor little puppy abandoned in the street. Yo! If you want to be tough, start by showing it.

      hi, i´m Daniel Sánchez and this is my video clip more ridiculss than i see.
      in my opinion is very fun and very ridiculss because the special effects are not very elaborate also note that she does not sing because there playback.
      Angel's wardrobe is very embarrassing and woman singing is too weird and I see that they have not carefully worked very well, besides the song is very bad but I must say that it is not serious but very funny

  4. P.D.P.S 18 DE APRIL

    Hello! Today I’m talking about very known pop video, due to his artist, she is Lady Gaga, the song that I have elected seems to me to be really bad for several things that now I tell you. The song is a poker face , that was published in 2008. Only in spite of being able to observe the beginning of the song, the singer going out of the water completely dressed without the wet hair, we realize that it is going to be a very subrealistic video.
    One of the principal things, which go out to stand out in this song, is the way of dressing of Lady, everything what goes during the pop video seems to me to be too extravagant, in if she seems to me to be extravagant, in real life.
    The second thing that I want to distinguish from this horrible video is the letter of the song and in turn, the repetition of the phrases.
    During the song, we can observe that always the same phrases repeat themselves:
    1. P-P-P poker face
    2 I’ll get him hot.
    3. Not he can’t read my poker face
    Is a very bad song, which he speaks about the love comparing it with a Russian roulette, and without anything of feelings, and because of it and for the reasons that I have told you before, he looks like to me a too bad pop video . , without any sense between gown, letter and dance

    1. LOL, you are totally right. But, after some consideration, Lady Gaga never had very difficult lyrics (see the song Alejandro)... And, talking about the way she dresses... I always have in mind this image...,d.ZGU&psig=AFQjCNEQRw7qPc0hKD4DIOGBFGNeOPiEdA&ust=1429811533912276

  5. C.J.V.
    Good afternoon, I chose this video as the worst because I do not like anything.
    Also I do not like because they use a very old and hideous clothes but is adequate for this type of music.
    It seems a bad band that because they are uncoordinated and use different rhythms.
    Try to look like more known groups imitating their songs but not resemble the quality of large groups.

    1. They try to recall "Guns and Roses", but much more rude and vulgar. Maybe, that's their game, who knows? The song, is not that bad after all, if you could avoid them singing, it would be much better.

  6. C.F.G
    I would like start with this video , for me, the worst music video clip :
    This song is painful because the letter doesn´t have sense, and the chorus neither.
    The boy in this videoclip doesn´t know dance, in fact, I think he only known jumping like a monkey.
    Other thing I don´t like of the video is the effects and video in general because it´s the same for the 4 min. Almost all the song is just the chorus,
    and the video is always the same too.
    There may be people who love this video, but for me this video is the worst. Also, when they created this song, they have to think this song in english the letter sounds good, but is not.
    In conclusion, I don´t like too much is the rhythm of the song.
    I just my opinion about this video.
    I finish here.

    BY C.F.G

    1. Wow, It's been a long time since I don't listen to this song... I used to dance it in the disco :P

      It's from the beginning of the 90s and, as it happens to other Hip Hop / Rap songs, you never pay too much attention to the lyrics, do you? :)

      There is also a lot of The Fresh Prince in it, don't you think so? I miss those white fluffy shirts and black vests, LOL

  7. Alejandro Gonzalez plana19 de abril de 2015, 12:08

    For me it's not the worst video, but seeing as an artist as recognized as Rafael is able to sing in English with bad pronunciation, I have no doubt that Rafael is a great artist but his pronunciation doing this song for brand sports drinks Aquarius is an example of their level of English is bad. I did not know this version and made me laugh to hear the announcement of the roughly homófona isotonic drink ... Who's afraid? Who talked complex?
    Sung in an unpronounceable English, Raphael wrote this version of the classic 'Aquarius' that appeared in the musical Hair 1967. My opinion is that you paid good money for singing, and that's the information I found. For me this video is the worst in English sung by a Spanish artist.

    1. Well, it seems that you sent the search query, should I take the first one?
      Taking into account the song and how he pronounces, yes, you are totally right! He should have done more than a three-week course of English to sing this song. Or, at least, practice it a bit more... Well, after all, it's a brand related to sports and personal improvement...With time, I'm sure that he improved, he has spent a lot of time in the US...

      I leave here some other great examples of the use of English by fellow Spaniards:

      El Príncipe Gitano "In The Ghetto":

      Emilio Botín:

    Well, we can see the worst version of the Virgin Mary in the form of video, with a serious video quality problem ... The special effects are very painful and very little credible, eg rays of the Virgin Mary seem likes floating jelly.
    Then the characters are dismal, cupid is fat and ugly and always with the pure thing is not Cupid and the two men shoot their wardrobe is too paintful.
    Returning to mention the special effects shots are very very bad, no trip is noted, and the actors seem to go drunk when dancing.
    And finally the song is terrible and repetitive is always saying the same thing and get tired.
    For all this I think is the worst video in history -.- "

    1. Yes, it's a really bad video clip, in all senses. It's difficult even getting to the end of it.

  9. C.M.L :
    Hi teacher! when you sent this job I didn´t had any doubt about the worst video clip that I saw in youtube.
    I´ve chosen this song-video for many reasons: The first is the letter of the song, as you can see is not very elaborate and the theme of the song is awful, well I think it could have done any child..
    The second thing is people that we can see in this video clip, is a song of lonely island, important and famous group of music (is true that they have never done anything considered good...) Also participates Akon, in my opinion a very good singer, he failed when did it.. Finally we know a Jessica Alba, famous and beuty actress.
    The last important thing that I detest is the video, how the artists tries dancing and the way that the video evolution.
    This is all.

  10. By ALL Music Video->
    In this music video we can see a old person what she can be our granny, she doesn't sings very well but in fact I can say I don't lost the ears listening the song.
    The especial effects like the angel flying are the greatest, nope irony 100% a kid can do the same special effects better ( a tip for the future, they can put images with better resolution).
    If we talk of the clothes, oh my god this Joseph with this clothes, the Panther gown and this beard, he is like a terrorist.
    Maria is passable but the angel, an angel in underpants with a cigar why the director of the music video put this why? sincerely if I see in the street this angel I run away.

  11. Hi, im PLT and in my opinion this is the worst music video ever because the girl sing really bad and the video is a bullshit

  12. B.M.B =
    Hi teacher! A long time ago I've heard this song and I had no words.Let's start with the video.
    At the begining,we can see a receptionist that has a big and ugly hat.It's awful.And the people that she attended...It's known what they will do next.
    Later,when the singer and the dancers start to dance,you see an older and weird clothes.Then you see that the singer pulled her head.What?It's a videoclip not a horror movie.And she starts to sing to a man with her head in her hand.Beautiful.
    After a while,she appears wearing a ninja costume while she's dancing to a man.Why not?It suppose to be a hotel not a karate school.
    Later,when Ludacris appears,he's repairing a clock and doing other weird things.Interesting.I don't understand why the video has all that things that have nothing to do with the song.For example the ninja costume...
    Ok,now,let's start with the lyrics.
    Very very educative at first.It has a complicated chorus,with no repeted words of couse.I don't know what to say,I just don't like it and I think that this music video is the worst.
    The end.;)

    1. You are totally right. Why singing beheaded? What does it have to do with the theme of the song? Moreover, is there a theme in the song?

  13. Hey! I am going to talk about that I think it is the worst music ever.

    To start the first thing that I don't like are the insects that come out, look me disgusting. The next thing that I don't like is the clothing carrying the girl, it seems to me that it is very little dressed for my taste. To continue the special effects that appear I don't like. And finally, I think that the video has no connection with what the song says.


    1. Hi, I agree with you in the fact that the special effects are kind of poor. On the other hand, I don't see so many insects: appart from the "girl and the mice". Taking into account the girl's clothes, I think that it is the latest fashion for insect-girls nowadays :P

  14. PMLL
    Hello I'm going to talk about the video of Nicky Minaj called Anaconda.
    The video was posted on YouTube a year ago.
    Here I bring my criticism about the video, lyrics and song wardrobe.
    I don´t like the video because I am against the woman dragging the man. In addition, the only thing that appears in the video are asses and tits.
    The video is provocative, it has nothing to do with the song. His little vesturio, their movements back, taunts and sexual image have the vast majority of visits in his youtube channel, rather than treat because of its potential voice is not bad.
    The letter, besides being dirty and has no sense left in bad place for women in the world.
    Dancing is very basic in my opinion, although the dance is twerk, you can make a more elaborate choreography and carries the rhythm of the music.
    I think Nicky Minaj has much more potential to make better songs and videos, as it is a great singer and professional, and even if you have a good body, you do not need to teach that to be a great singer needs not to show it is only necessary have a voice.
    Although the song I like, I have to admit it is a catchy but very degrading

    1. You are totally right. It is not only that women are treated like sexual objects, the worst thing is that it is a woman the one that does it. Where is the "art" in the part where they sing... "Oh my gosh, look at her butt"... very degradating...

  15. GMV Hello! I would start with this video, for me, the worst videoclip. I do not think the song concerned about a violation, obviously a strong sexual solicitation where the woman is seen as submissive. The song says that a male character was close and tried to "tame" a woman in question, but it is "an animal" and is in its nature not to be dominated, but is "a good girl" and our seductive alpha male knows that deep down, she wants to succumb to él.Quizás should think a little more in the letter next time because this is not a video to listen to children, it is a disgusting video. And the music is a basic pop (electric guitar, drums and bass) which is accompanied with the letter and the simple themes. The pace is very steady and sticky there on drums. Well for me this video is the worst because it transmits nice things, this all the time in the same ugly thing, it seems that a person is only check for that thing, and it is more, the girl looks like an animal. In conclusion, I do not like too much the lyrics of the song. Finish

    1. You are totally right, the song is sexist. They could even have put some more effort in the metaphors, they are too basic and vulgar.
      By the way, watch out with your "Spangilsh" :P

  16. A.A.M

    Hi! I’m going to talk about the worst videoclip ever.
    I think this is not real the worst videoclip ever but for me is not one of the best because probably have an other worse.

    Well, if we translate the lyrics the song say that the girl play whit the emotions of her boyfriend because she doesn’t wants nothing serious in own relation, beautiful... But if we don’t translate the music have rhythm.

    The girl is in the space, and as I understand it, the girl is a alien (an alien very normal....) because her boyfriend is an astronaut, well then in the minute 2:45 they speak and the girl do an acrobacy very real… And when the astronaut ask for her hand the girl says: “-Wait a minute, no is the ring of your grandmother?... But isn’t possible it was in the OCEAN.-”
    What??? Is impossible that the ring was in the ocean because they are in other planet…(and what planet… with fire and a lot of machines…) I don’t like nothing this planet.
    Other thing are the lyrics… very varied and creatives… ummm no…
    Finally I say that I don’t know how Britney Spears is a famous singer because all is songs and video clips are similar (like Toxic, Womanizer…)

    P.S: I miss you teacher, recover soon and I see you in class. :) (: ;) (;

    1. LOL

      To tell you the truth, I have listened to the song many times, but it is the first time that I have seen the clip. WOW! They really put their brains to it! Special effects, lyrics, plot... One by one are awful but if you put them together... it could be worth a prize!! This one could be "The worst music video clip from 2000"

      PS: I'm upgrading, I'll be there ASAP ;)

  17. VM
    Hi! This song is called "I wanna love you tender" sang by Army and Dany.
    I don´t think that this is the worsest video at the world,but it´s one of the best.
    Sincerely the song is not bad,but one of the things i don´t like is the rhythm of the song, I think is so boring and
    impossible,and you can´t hear clear the voices of the singers,becouse of the bad tecnology.
    But definetely the worsest thing in the video,is the place of the videoclip..Do you like it?
    I also hate the dancers,they don´t know how to dance and they aren´t coordinated,They also look terrible,they wear belly jens and a white horrible sweater...I know that that was
    the style of that generation,but is horrible.
    And do you see when the singer sang alone?Behind him there are something like stars...why? I don´t understand,it´s something that is beside de point.
    In conclusion,the letter of the song is not bad...but the videoclip at all is horrible..I don´t like it.
    Thaks for reading my opinion...I hope you like it.

    1. I think that the setting is something like a space ship. Honestly, I don't know what is the relationship between the space and the theme of the song, but... As The Beatles said,"Let It Be". But don't show them departing from the space ship in an old-fashioned car, for Pete's sake!
      The clothes are... not only old fashioned, but also weird. I don't really like the male singer's neckline.
      About the choreography, It seems more of a pilates class for old women rather than a group of experienced dancers.

      You are totally right, this is a good candidate for the prize!


  18. RVL
    I am going to talk about the video of Sia.
    There is a song that was posted on You Tube about two months ago, so it is a nowdays song.
    There is another versión for that song and from my pint of view is better than this, so I am going to say some nagging.
    I don´t like this video and one reason is because I think that it hasn´t got sens the song with the video. In addition the music is modern, however the people that appear in the video are dressed with colths very old and besides they are dancing a type of dance that is not according with the music. For finally all the video are doing the same and for me is a little boring, although it is one of the songs that I like the most.

    1. Hello RVL. I really liked the video. You are totally right, there is apparently no connection between the song and the images. But, they video itself is really creative I think. If you take a look at the winners of the dancing contest, they start dancing as the people of "their" time and they continue "dancing through time": in Elvis Presley's style, Michael Jackson's "moonwalker" and even Beyonce's "All the Single Ladies". It was a good nice thing this video. ;)

  19. PSV:

    Well, when i saw this video, i think: "Monkeys dancing?!?" I'm going to talk about this video caller Adventure of a Lifetime the Coldplay. In muy opinion, they has no much information to coment, but i have to say, that in the video appareced monkeys. The lyrics are better than the clip.
    Sure that, the producers said:
    "How do the clip more interesting?"
    "Well, we has used monkeys". And then, acept.

    1. Yeah, or maybe they are continuing with Gorilaz's legacy taking as a starting point the famous scene from Kubrick's film "2001 Space Odyssey"

    "Bloodhound Gang - The Bad Touch"

    This video I found it one day for chance.
    And I saw for curiosity.
    When I started to look at the video letter I realized that it was primary and soez.
    Lyrics of the song is very direct and turns me off.
    There are many songs that hint at things con this subject but aren't so ridiculous.
    Everytime I hear the lyrics of this song and rhythm get nervous and especially the video with the monkeys!!!
    At first I could be funny but it's a bad video ... la fuente.H

    1. Hello N. It is indeed very vulgar. The song is very catchi, though, but the message it sends is sexists, at least. It is a really bad video

  21. ARR
    The worst videoclip I've found is Another level-freak me.First of all,I don't understandthe relation between the man who appears at the beginning and the rest of the video.
    There are other characters that are strange like a couple of dogs barking angrily and a man fumigating with a hose.
    Also, the lyrics are very simple and they repeat the same words all the time.
    The use of lights and special effects is very poor.
    Finally, I think that the place where the video was recorded hasn't any connection with the lyrics.
    that's all

  22. After watching it a couple of times, I think that the man is listening to the music... or not...
    Maybe the dogs and the man with the hose are freaking elements... who knows.
    About the lyrics, yes, not only simple but poor.
    Why do they go to a cave full of people? I don't really get it.

    Nice video for the contest :)

  23. MBA
    First, I hate this video because the choreography hasn´t sense, and it seems small childrens. Another thing that it isn´t correct is when singers are singing in front of the camera because they hasn´t emotion, they could try to be happier in this part and do something else, like dancing. Also, the clothes couldn´t be worse…
    Returning to the subject of the choreography, they make it very childish things and also some of them didn´t do well, when, for example, in minute 1:44, they make a star with the arms but the problem is that the persons put their arms together so much and doesn´t look good. And they in one moment, start to spin near of the camera, for this reason we can´t see the singers good, who are at the bottom.
    To finally, they are on a platform in space because we can see the starts behind, and I can´t find the sense of this, because they talk about love, and it isn´t neccesary to be in the space for that, also the choreography hasn´t nothing to do with the subject and it is ridiculous.

    1. Hello MBA. You are absolutely right about the video. The pity is that it has already been mentioned before.

  24. LGG

    Well... I don't know where to begin telling...
    I´m going to start talking about the performance. For me, it's indescribable. First, the singer are dancing. Okay. But the video becomes complicated because later a drawing of the singer appears and the singer is in a "beach" and he´s a mermaid... The video have a lot of colours and lights so it's hypnotizing, by the way. So, I don´t understand anything.
    The music isn´t the worts but the lyrics is annoying and simple. He say all the time "sexy... sexy... sexy..." with world's cities and it's absolutely poor. I don´t like it. This song have more than 2 millions reproductions, sixteen thousand likes and twenty-nine thousand dislikes, amazing.
    The best of the song is it's perfect to dance in a party!
    This's my opinion and i hope you have... impacted it.

    1. Well, to be honest with you I could only watch 1:30 minutesm it was unbearable. I'll habe to watch it again to see the part of the mermaid and the other stuff. I think that even he wants to be taken as a very posh person, he is in fact a really tacky one.
      Good selection candidate


    I would like to start by referring to something important: the cover of the video scared me. Yes. It's scary. Does anyone deny it? Oh my God!

    Well, to start watching the video, I realized, instead of at 5 seconds, it was not going to be a video about love; instead of since, to continue watching, I produce disgust, anguish and pain by some as unnecessarily from changes that happen to the man.
    It has transformed into a demon!

    As I said I did not look to make any caress, right? With those claws ...

    The video camera is rather heavy; since continually it acts as if it were to break at any time.
    The lyrics of terrifying means nothing compared with the video. It has really given me a lot of fear. But like I say bad about all this, I will also refer to the good: the effects, although not quite good, but the effect of turning the man into a demon and combine it with colors of hell and smoke, skulls , etc., it works great with the theme of the song.

    With this I leave. Greetings,


    1. Well, to tell you the truth, I really liked the video. The special effects were good and the way in which the camera stops and starts, comes and goes is something that really helps the theme of the song.
      On the other hand, I didn't like the "singing skulls", I found it kind of childsih.
      Good clip this one.

  26. L.A.T.
    Hi! in this videoclip we can see Hey woman - Roberto Clausell
    I think this is not real the worst videoclip ever but for me is not one of the best.
    For starters, this video I found me by chance on the internet since it was criticized, and I think that it’s horrible.
    The boy can not sing, you understand only four words of the song, and as he does not bother to pronounce, sounding words like 'Ambipur', but what does?
    This video makes me nervous, the rhythm of the song is lousy and boring and not that look great thing, the guy was different landscapes "singing" and occasionally a girl who makes a lot less than he, I mean nothing appears.
    I just my opinion about this video.

    1. I would also add that at some point we wants to dance... but he can't dance either... what a video, OMG!
      Thanks for the thought.

  27. Hi teacher!!!
    In my opinion, this video uses women as a sex toy over her voice , which should be paramount alongside instrumentos.Donde has seen a woman sucking finger and shove it between her breasts. I think that to show that you can sing do not need to get in bikini.Lo worst of it is that has succeeded without knowing cantar.La letter and in itself is wrong and is obscena.Pero if board who can not sing and effects are lousy ... the pace is very malo.Este video became famous because the singer was in a program where he would meet boys .

    1. Este comentario ha sido eliminado por el autor.

    2. Hello MA. It's true, the song is really sexist, the bad thing is that the song cannot enter the contest because it's in Spanish. Sorry about it.

  28. A.M.A
    The worst song that I found. The song is sung by Gnesa. The Song is very boring since from the beginning of the song alone it is listened "lalalalalalalalalalala" and the little lyric that has hear him very bad. Appears in a white bottom with dresses doing pose intutiles and singing without pace. The video not this one edited and it doesn´t stay well. The singer has a very ugly makeup and for limit they move the camera around the singer.The singer doesn´t know dance.

    1. And she can't sing either!!! Thank God they inserted the kayboard sound right when she was singing, it would have been unbearable otherwise!!!
      Great acquisition!

  29. M.P.E. :
    Hello! I'm going to talk about an old song of ole,ole in the 80's. Although the song was very popular, the clip isn't good.
    First, i think that the song is not bad although they are singing the same old the time, but the quality of the video is really bad because the image cuts sometimes.
    On the other hand, i think that the place isn't according with the song because they recorded in a them park of Madrid and it hasn't got any relation with the song and appeare a big statues of animals
    The rhythm is so bored, because when the girl sings, the rhythm is at the same volume and you don't hear the lyrics well.
    For the clothes....i know thah in 80's people wore this style but, for example, only the color of the jacket..for me it's horrible.
    Also, in parts of the song she says that anyone controle her dancing but in the clip only moves from side to side and there is not choreography in all the video. Finally, I don't like the effects for watch the musicians in the minute 1:45.
    And thats all, thank you!

    1. Hello M.P.E. It was a long time since the last time that I heard this song. It's pure 80's, song, lyrics and clothes... the bad thing is that the song cannot enter the contest because it's in Spanish. Sorry about it.

  30. P.C.B.O

    This is the video that I gonna share whith you today guys.
    The band name is LOS PUTOS AMOS and there are from Gibraltar ratatata... ok ,after whatching it I can say that is quite anoying, they sing very very bad but at leats is funny in my opinion (what's wrong whit me? LOL).
    I'm not really sure if the song is a tribute to "el hermano Chema, el que toda la hierba quema" but if that the case... the song is so bad, it sounds so bad that I'm sure that i could do it better.

    1. Hi, P.C.B.O., the video is REALLY bad indeed. And this is a good example why you should never quit school. You may learn more or less, but at least you'll be able to say "helicóptero" or "si venís", without any problem :P
      Unfortunatelly the video won't enter the competition because it is in Spanish, sorry about it.

  31. RCO
    I am going to talk about the video of Bruno Mars (The lazy song).
    In my opinion the videoclip is very repetitive, and the scene of the videoclip never changes is always the same. Also I don`t understand very well why the people of videoclip put mascaras of monkeys,the clothes they wear to be a music video seems very simple and the choreography doesn`t seem the best he has done maybe it is the space that disponesn.
    The lycris in my opinion not too bad at all but I think is the worst Bruno Mars letter made, and finaly I think it hasn`t great special effects.

    1. Hello RCO. It seems that its "The Lazy Song", so he doesn't want to do anything... He doesn't want to prepare a great choreography, put on flashy clothes or anything like that. I also wonder why the monkeys... and why so many of you have used videos with them... curious... :)
      Good clip ;)

  32. ARC (

    Hi! I’m going to talk about the worst videoclip ever.
    First in this video what stands out is the letter of the song, as there are some phrases in English as a ¨Hey woman¨ or ¨sister and mother ¨but really there is a clear language, besides this he doesn´t vocalizes and does seem that yes, that is the principal problem.
    Video scenes are all very similar with each other and the characters unchanged in the videoclip. Besides the singer of this song Roberto Clausellel it is recognized as an artist and nobody don´t know. Roberto wants look like Abraham Mateo, this makes the singer does not have its own personality.
    Today many unknown people hang videos on Youtube thinking that they are actually singers and really can't sing, but this way what they get is fame. This is the case robert, without knowing sing people have given much importance talking about him and managed to be popular on internet.

    1. Sorry but it seems that the video is not available. Is there any other source where I could take a look at it?

  33. C.A.L.
    I’m going to talk about the video of Lady Gaga:
    The main idea of this video is based that on Lady Gaga is kidnapped by a group of models that made her take drugs and then, they sold her to the Russian mafia. some dancers and the singer are dressed in white and they start dancing. there are scenes where the artist sings in front of a mirror dressed in black, and others where she appears in a bathtub. When the chorus of the song begins, two women undress to Lady Gaga and they forced her to drink a glass of vodka. In one scene, a bed ignites in flames. The video ends with the artist lying next to a charred skeleton covered in furniture ash. With his body full of soot, she smokes a cigarette while her bra throws wasps. As you can see, this video is quite surreal, not to mention the costumes for the singer (glasses, coat, suit diamond, crown...) and dancers.
    I think that famous people usually they refuse to evolve. So Lady Gaga should rethink what kind of music and message you want to share with people, to look good. So her music must be authentic para subtract some importance to the style she wears.

    1. I don't like Lady Gaga either. I don't know why, maybe because she wasted that incredible amount of great meat to make a dress instead of a BBQ...

  34. R.P.D.
    Hello! I´m going to talk about the video of Mike Mareen - "Agent of Liberty", which i consider is the worst music video clip ever for multilple reasons; the first one is that the girl of the drum doesn´t look like she´s playing it, i thought that it was really weird; the second one is that the Singer wears a giant glasses that complements the style of the video; and the third one, which guards relation with the previous one, is that the girl and the singer are wearing clothes that i consider curious. Well, when I saw the lyrics of the song for the first time I didn´t find the sense of it, but when i read it again i thought that the singer is criticizing the consumerism, when he says "Life's a world of fantasy (...)See the world of TV and you will know" and "Standing at the corner; Smoking cigarettes".

    Thanks for your atention!

    1. WOW, what a video!!! To tell you the truth I think that the girl with the drums has a better sense of rithm than Mike Mareen... You found a great video!!!

  35. R.M.R
    Hi,I'm going to talk about the worst videoclip ever forma me.The worst videoclip ever forma me is of the song "picky", that song is from the singer Joey Montana.Is the worst videoclip ever forma me because is very simple and the letter of the song is very repetitivo.I think actualy that problem is very normal in the music world because the songs are ver y similar and the rhythm are the same un the all songs.I don't like that because there aren't some variety un the music world and I think that is worst.

    1. Yes, it's the typical summer song. Plain lyrics, a lot of colourfull things and catchy song... The only thing is that it is in Spanish, and consequently, it won't be able to enter the competition...

  36. Mark Be Happy

    This song is a cover of Nancy Sinatra's song "This boots are made ​​for walking" by the brainless Jessica Simpson .
    In a matter the song and the video have nothing to do except go boots in the video.
    In the video we can see how this woman tries to seduce camera showing her tits and ass obviously operated , also "sings" the clear original song if that song is called skinning a cat would be better singer than her.
    The scene in washing the car I sincerely spare and it seems very ridiculous ; because if you wash a car don't do it in a barn in which there is horseshit , straw , dust ...
    This video seems a mockery Nancy as other artists such as David Gueta or Antonio Banderas in Shrek 2 ( in the role of Puss in Boots ) make their versions are very good and to see asses and operated tits I see a video of Nicki at least Minaj sings great.

    1. I just wonder what would think Nancy Sinatra, to whom this song was written, when she saw the clip... And I also wonder... how they conviced the great Willy Nelson to appear in it.. and how many bottles she dropped to realise that they had to glue them to the tray LOL

      Great video and review :)

  37. EPH

    For me this video does not make sense either, since the letter says one thing but the video out others.
    apart from that quality is pesima and puts a rare yellow filter and is pretty bad. Besides that locker room it is horrible and meaningless. and it makes no sense places of the video.
    I think it's horrible part is not very well sing that song because it has other better in singing better.

    1. Well, it is the second time that Britney appears here... I wonder why. LOL
      Yeah, the clip is kind of bad, she is more interested in showing than in singing...

  38. LHG

    Hi! I'm going to tell about the worst video I have seen is never without a doubt Toxic Britney Spears. None of her music video I liked, but this the least. I do not see entrlace the '' stories '' that is showing.
    At the beginning of the song it appears dressed too provocative for my taste and I think it is degrading to women with the suggestion that we always provoking men and then only want your money ... And when she comes in between dancing dressed dorado..tampoco understand a lot of it is that.
    Besides the special effects using too much notice and I sincerely believe that you should not wear them anymore because not fit, it seems pathetic.
    In the video she appears in different versions, but always with the same purpose, to be with a man. To me it did not like that.

    Pd: ricardo Recover soon :)

    1. Thank you LHG, I'll be back on track soon.

      About the video, unfortunatelly, it has already been used and won't be able to enter the competition.

    Probably is it not the worst video clip ever, but is one of the worst for sure. I discover this videoclip around a year ago. One friend sent me the link, because he wanted to know my opinion.
    Well, for thousands of people is the worst videoclip ever. Moreover, there are a couple of videos on Youtube, Dailymotion and webs like that with this video, and the title of the video is: "THE WORST VIDEO EVER".
    In my point of view, that´s because of the coreography. It´s so silly and ridiculous, but it is also so funny! The coreography looks like espontaneus and improvised. The two singers also wear a very tacky shirt and, in my opinion, an ugly haircut.
    I think the screenplay doesn´t make sense with the lyrics. It looks like the space with stars, planets,etc. I would said the song isn´t very bad, but I don´t like it because of the rhythm.
    On the other side, is an old song, so the screenplay is clearly worse than one that is done this year.
    When I watched this video for the first time I laughed so much. And that´s because I think is the best video I´ve never seen.

    P.S: I hope see you soon in the high school! Get better :)


    1. It is really a bad video clip. Not just because its old, but for so many reasons you have mentioned. The problem is that is has already been used previously. I'm sorry.

      I'll be back ASAP



    Hello, I´m going to talk about danger dynamics of yoga for babies.

    There dynamics of yoga, are very dangerous for babies, because her mothers trow in the air his babys and then catch them, and this is very dangerous because they may fall. Also, they put their heads under water and babys could drown.

    Although those mothers say that these are dynamics of yoga, those are very dangerous for babies, and this mothers could be in the prision because they endanger the lives of the babies. What´s more, there are more people and don´t stop mothers.

    In conclusion, those dynamics could be reported because endanger the lives of inocents babies and they suffer too.

    1. Really shocking video indeed. Poor baby :(

      I´m afraid that you didn't understand the contest very well. You have to post a music video clip.