domingo, 7 de marzo de 2010

My day

This is a normal day in MY LIFE. How is yours? Please write a similar text so I can read about YOUR DAY. Thanks :)

I use to get up early in the morning. Then, I take a shower and have breakfast. I think that breakfast is very important for the day, so I have a GOOD one ;) After that, I go to my desk and start working, I normally work at home in the morning. At around noon, I cook lunch. At around 3 I go to work. I always drive to work because my school is far from my house and the public transportation is not very good. I finish work at around 8 and go home. At nine, I prepare some dinner and watch TV. I go to bed early because I like getting up early too :)

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  1. maría 6º valdemorillo21 de abril de 2010, 17:19

    most days I get up, but the day I get up early just breakfast orange juice...
    then I get to watch the TV until the time of the eat when finished eating, I saw and I prepare to go to class at 16: 30, I am there until 8 more or less.
    arriving at home already are 9 at least and I ago dinner while I see the TV
    and then I'm going to sleep because I love....

  2. Rachida 6º valdemorillo

    almost every day I wake up Monday at 11:00 pm, I saw my shower and breakfast.
    I do the math Devere has the math teacher sent home limppio pick pots, watching TV. reaches the two as I pick up my brothers from school.
    4:30 pm I arrive at 8:30 ls classes and I leave the class go home. I help my mother make dinner and dine, watch TV. so is my day to day.

  3. almost every day I wake up on Sundays at 12:00 am I get up, grab breakfast table re go out to the cas of my sister who is close to stay with
    salima 6ºvaldemorillo..........

    her until 4:00 am
    I've been home and my shower pick up my room with my girlfriends sallgo madrid liquids we ate there all afternoon and then something home at 9:00 I return home I pick up my brothers are going to the house of my TEOS in my father's car.
    We had dinner the night so there is midia

  4. Juanma 6º valdemorillo

    I use get up at ten o´clock. Then i had a breakfast, a cup of milk and two toast with marmalade.
    At two o´clok, i went to my mother´s house to eat. I ate with all my family.

    After that, I went to my house, i took a shower and i went to my class.

    After class, i went to "the alambra" with my friends, and usually we wath football on tv.

    Then i went to my house.

  5. hector 6º valdemorillo

    my usually day is normal, I never don´t breakfast.
    usually eat on 2:30, after the eat I go to class on 4:30. when I leave of class I go to house of my grandmother to give eat for my dog.
    after go to my house to dine and after go to watch tv, and I go to sleep.

  6. Hello professor. My name is Loly, and i`m a student of english. The day starts about seven in the morning, breakfast and walk my two dogs to the park, there is in front of my house, down a flight of stairs. After going to class with my friends. In the afternoon i am going to dance classes in a living room, the music is wonderful.

  7. Rosa Mª Medinzov 2º B11 de diciembre de 2011, 20:13

    I get up at seven thirty from monday to friday. I have got two toast with tomato and oil and some tea for breakfast, after the shower. I go every day to class, I like studying grammar, maths, english... At two thirty I lunch mediterranean diet, after the lunch I go to work. When the work is finished I come back home. I dine and I go to sleep.

  8. Hi everybody, my name is juanjo. My day is normally peaceful, so i get up very late usually... at 11:00 AM every day, weekend included.

    Then, y have a quick breakfast and i take a shower. Later, i play with the computer until the dinner is ready. I eat it and prepare my schoolbag for the class.

    At 4:00 PM i go to the classes, and there i study until 9:00 PM.

    I arrive to home tired, so i have a dinner and go to bed quickly.

    (JuanJosé Málaga Perez, Nivel 2 - Tarde, 2º C)